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Copyright at Seneca College

Online Training Materials for Employees

Copyright Literacy Modules Screenshot

In September 2013, the Copyright Literacy Training Modules were developed by a number of colleges with support from Colleges Ontario Heads of Libraries and Learning Resources (HLLR) and legal counsel.

The goals of the learning modules are to:

  1. Provide a self-directed learning resource for those Ontario college employees most likely to engage in copying works under copyright.
  2. Reinforce and enhance the training, services and resources provided by college library services.
  3. Demonstrate Ontario colleges’ due diligence with regard to and respect for copyright law and copyright holders.

Look for the Copyright Literacy organization under "MyOrganizations Plus" on MySeneca. If you do not see it, please email to be added.


Colleges and Institutes Canada

Colleges and Institutes Canada have prepared a video to help faculty and staff understand user's rights under our copyright laws: What You Can and Cannot Do With Copyright Protected Works


Online Training Materials for Students

These resources were developed to accompany face-to-face sessions offered by the Copyright Team, but can also be used as stand-alone informational sites.

Copyright Student Training Site Screenshot

Student Training site

Copyright Student Training Site - Accessible Screenshot

Student Training site
(accessible version)